Our Philosophy

At Yeronga Village Child Care Centre we believe that children should always come first. We believe that children should always feel safe. We believe that children should always feel like they belong.

We aim to have a place where every child and every family is included and welcomed. We recognise that families are children’s first and most influential teachers, therefore we encourage families to share with us their knowledge, insights and perspectives about their child. In this way we can integrate the child’s home environment, community, society and cultural background into their learning experiences.

We believe our role as educators is to help children become independent thinkers, to help children explore the world around them and to help children learn about and care for nature and the environment. We do this by building upon children’s interests, strengths and abilities to inform curriculum decision making, by intentional teaching and by using daily routines such as eating, resting and playing as positive learning experiences for children.

The foundation of our educational program is based on Montessori philosophy which places the child at the centre of the education process and the Early Years Learning Framework which has a strong focus on children’s identity, wellbeing and community.

We believe in ongoing learning and reflective practices to guide decision making. Through this process we aim to enrich children’s learning by building our own knowledge and skills, and to work collaboratively with each other to continually improve daily practices.